Aspire Woman University Clubs aims to train other peer women in University and to act as mentors for school girls as well as provide them with training and guidance in their career ensuring the passing on of the learning from professionals to university students to school students building the support network across country.

The university clubs focus on many things including:


  • High school mentorship
  • Women Empowerment
  • Employability
  • Entrepreneurship and small businesses
  • Community projects benefiting women
  • Women volunteerism and social participation.
  • Spreading Awareness


Each club has 7 differnt teams that works on achieving the clubs golas and mission.


Teams Description:


Social Media and Design team

  1. Creating marketing material for any event (Designs, posters, flyers).
  2. Making promotional videos for the club’s activities to encourage the attendees to join all the events held by the club and ensuring the necessary propaganda
  3. The Photography of all the events.
  4. Promoting all of the club’s activities on Social Media and promote the page in the universities.


Public relations & Marketing team

  1. Organizing the outings & events outside of the branch.
  2. Contacting events’ speakers.
  3. Cooperating with other branches.
  4. Preparing a marketing strategy for all the events and activities of the club online and offline.
  5. Preparing a marketing strategy to promote the club through social media.
  6. Be in charge of media coverage in the university.


HR Team

  1. Develop rewards and recognitions policy for the club to keep the motivation of the members
  2. Evaluating the performance of members and designing a feedback system in place.
  3. Responsible for development of skills of the teams coordinating training calendar.
  4. Responsible for the Club’s members database.
  5. Handling recruitment process.
  6. Ensuring the transition system on place to manage knowledge for next generations.


Logistics committee

  1. Responsible for organization and reservations.
  2. Getting permissions to hold the club’s different activities.
  3. Ushering the events inside the university
  4. Preparing the hall for any event with decorations, set up , etc.


Research and Academic Team

  1. Preparing the description of sessions and events.
  2. Design, develop and deliver a range of courses.
  3. Delivering information and learning courses for participants.
  4. Make research to identify the needs of the target audience.
  5. To identify learning needs of students and define appropriate learning objectives.
  6. To prepare and submit proposals and applications External Affairs, e.g. for funding.
  7. Preparing the online newsletters


Mentorship Team

  1. Aiming to help the Egyptian girls (High School Students) to choose the right career begin setting their goals in life.
  2. Implementing projects that address school aged girls to provide them with mentorship from university students.
  3. Contacting and reaching out for schools to implement the team’s project.
  4. Working on projects addressing academics, career exploration, character building, citizenship education, leadership development.


Projects Team

  1. Organizing projects and events with the Leaders of the clubs
  2. Coordinating between different teams to hold an event or a project
  3. Manage resources of any event or project the club is having