Aspire Woman is a Community initiative aiming to empower young women across the region and help them realize their full potential and opportunities. This initiative departs from the belief that women are crucial to uncover and transform the direction of the social, political and economic development in the region.

The program aims to reach 25,000 women over two years in 5 countries of the Arab and African region through the training of 4000 young women for employment and job placement offers, consequently targeting to benefit 10,000 young women.  Through its four main pillars the Aspire Women program visions for a greater presence of women in different fields and positions of leadership in which women have traditionally been discouraged to take part in.


Pillar I- Young Women Leaders

Enabling a network of young women leaders in Technology, Science, Math and Engineering and supporting and guiding them to believe in their capabilities and strengthen their personal skills to becomes leaders in their field.


Pillar II- Economic Empowerment

Increasing the employability of young women and fostering the growth of young women entrepreneurs. We do this through offering an education that addresses the gaps between skills acquired in conventional education and the needs of the market. This includes ICT trainings, personal skills development and English language training to provide opportunities to young women to become more employable. We also offer support to women start-ups and thus break through barriers that disadvantage women in realizing their dreams and grasping opportunities.


Pillar III- Civic and Community Participation

Empowering the civic participation of women in the community through the development of leadership skills and the learning of development concepts that can encourage women to become active community decision-makers.