17-Apr-2014 08:41 AM

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” – Melinda...

As a member of Women Think-Tank committee, Aspire Woman Initiative organized a technology day on March 15, 2014 at Microsoft Premises. The day message was “Technology empowering women” and how technology help women have no boarders to their voice, ambition and knowledge. 


The day included several sessions directed to 50 members of the Aspire Woman Community. Sessions ranged from open discussion about societal challenges and how attendees as aspire ambassadors can participate in solving it, to trainings on using Office 365 in their projects and how the different technology tools can help women connect, empower, innovate and realize dreams.

 Additionally; Speak up sessions that provided an opportunity for the girls to share their dreams and worries about the future.


The day also featured displaying special episodes of Zee3 Enta Videos, a video production by Microsoft in a partnership with Zee3 enta/PWC  Project. The video production aimed to make women's voice heard and to showcase how ambitious they are to change their lives, and their communities along with the challenges they face and how they strive to overcome it.


The two special episodes of Zee3 Enta, featured the ambition, determination and eagerness of today’s women. The program team wandered the country; with a kiosk for young ladies/women to be heard! And for them to share their opinions, aspirations, dreams, actions and the challenges they face and how they strive to overcome it.


The Zee3 Enta program comprises short episodes (an average of seven minutes each), In which citizens address political, social, realistic, or fictional topics of their choice. The recorded episodes are then broadcasted on YouTube.


 The video reached 13,385 views on the Program’s YouTube Channel. And audience interacted with the core message stating their impression about the different aspirations and the courage of these women and how the video reached a diverse age group of women, who are from different places with different capabilities.


The videos also grabbed attention from Mass Media, and Raneem Medhat represented the Initiative at a TV interview to talk about the initiative and the videos. In addition, Youm 7 Newspaper, featured an article about the videos and Aspire Woman Initiative.


The day and the videos production represent some of many collaborations; Aspire Woman Initiative established to take note of women’s achievements celebrating International and Egyptian Women’s Day in a partnership with local, international organizations and NGOs.