17-Apr-2014 08:30 AM

In an industry that more precisely expressed as artisanal handicraft, you find many creative Egyptian Women are taking the lead, but only lacking the opportunity to display their astonishing work.

Thus, Microsoft in a partnership with Misr el Khier (NGO) held Aspire Khan Fair inviting 15 different NGO’s from different governorates; Aswan, Sinai, Marsa Matrouh and Sohag.

The fair aimed to empower handicraft artisans through exhibiting their products in 7 locations in Cairo including Microsoft Premises and Misr Elkheir premises.

During the fair days, the Microsoft team organized a training and an orientation about the benefits and importance of online marketing and how they can use Aspire Khan Portal to promote and sell their products.

Aspire Khan aims to support Egyptian women artisans through enhancing their product development capabilities, their marketing skills and expanding their sales channels.

The fair is marked in the series of events celebrated International Women’s Day with a goal of building a strong network of women ready to support and guide one another, 9 organizations joined forces in organizing International Women’s Day Celebration; US Embassy, USAID, AWTAD, Mashura, National Council of Women, Misr El Kheir, ENID, Ashoka and Microsoft – representing Women Think Tank – gathered with the aim of creating a celebration that can help women connect, be empowered, innovate and realize dreams. With the series of events held around Egypt, Women Think Tank’s object is to make an impact in the society regarding the role of women.