26-Mar-2014 01:18 PM

In the eighties, it was a path of fantasy to find an ICT job for women in Egypt; but Mrs. Hoda Dahroug  who received her early education in the field of electronics and communications engineering accepted the challenge to achieve her dreams. She worked for 15 years in the IT business sector moving up the ladder from being designer and programmer up to being manager and consultant. She gained superior experience in both technical and managerial sides of the industry in both locally and internationally.


Mrs. Dahroug struggled for much trickier equation in balancing family and work for 15 years, but with the arrival of her third son, who is Down Syndrome child, she decided to be devoted to her first duty; her family. Mrs. Dahroug postponed her dreams and career and dedicated herself to develop the capacities of her DS son.


"Years passed and I learned a lot, it was 2005 when I realized the role of modern technologies  in developing my son skills.  I decided to go back to work and adapt my ICT experiences in human development, especially in marginalizing deprived and disadvantaged people", Dahroug says. After that she made a shift in her career to invest her skills and knowledge in the socio-economic development using ICT as a tool. Both the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the United Nations Development Program UNDP-Egypt were interested in Mrs Dahroug to lead the national Egypt ICT Trust Fund (ICT-TF) as a Deputy Director starting from July 2007. Mrs Dahroug has supervised several successful projects in the sectors of Persons with Disabilities (pwD), Education, Arabic e-content, Agriculture, Health, Small and Medium Enterprises, and social entrepreneurship. She worked mainly for the sustainability of such socio-economic development projects where she was inspired by the power and enthusiasm of youth that believe poor communities in Egypt can contribute to the productive development of the nation if they are given opportunities and direction. Under her supervision, Egypt ICT Trust Fund gained a lot of international recognition for its role in the socio-economic development through being nominated in the World Summit Award, Stockholm Challenge, and UAE Educational IT challenge, The Arab e-content Award, E-India Award and Pan Arab Web Award and others.


She has been invited to several international and national conferences where she inspired the insights of generations, especially women. Mrs. Dahroug says “you must overcome challenges and draw your career, start the business that fits your personal life and remember that love is the magic key for success.”