18-Mar-2014 09:50 AM

In Women’s month, Aspire Woman Initiative is proud to officially announce its Blogging Competition for Aspire Woman...

In women’s Month, Aspire Woman Initiative is proud to officially announce its Blogging Competition for Aspire Woman Community.

How to participate:

Write an article related to Women’s Cause or Women’s Issues in the society and if you mentioned an Issue or a problem in the society, discuss how to solve it.

Submit your article by sending it in a word format to [].

Mention in the email: your Name, Email, Age, Phone Number, University and Faculty and Which Aspire Club are you in and which position?

Articles will be published after review on Aspire Woman Forum [] and then links will be shared on our Facebook Page for voting.

The Prize:

The first winner will receive an invitation to one our upcoming private events and the winning  article will be featured on our Facebook Page, any links to personal blogs, social media accounts will be credited.

Aspire Woman Team will also be selecting up to 10 other winners which will be featured in an article published on Aspire Woman Forum.

Winners will be decided after April, 15th 2014


You are a woman and member of Aspire Woman Community [University Leader, Team Leader, Member, Mentor or Mentee].

Participants entitled in this competition are persons whose age is at least 18 years old at the time of entry and have given necessary data to register.

Winning criteria:

60% -The theme of the topic and how effectively the writer addresses the issue/topic.

40% -Fans/Followers Votes.

Terms & Conditions:

The contribution must have been created solely by the entrant.

Your article only includes materials (e.g. Photos) that you own or that you have referred to the resources or have the permission from the copyright owner to use.

Your article has not been submitted in any other blogging competitions nor selected as a prize winner before.

The entry cannot defame or invade publicity rights or privacy of any person.