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Purpose of the Aspire Women Forum

The position of women throughout history has served as proof for the continuous need for women advancement. For this to be achieved, the importance of education, sharing information, best practices and experience are crucial for overcoming the challenges and finding solutions to issues that render this realization difficult.
The Women Forum aims to strengthen and support the Arab and African network of women through the provision of an online platform that serves as a haven for interactive and fruitful communication and dialogue. This forum aims to facilitate the connection of women in the region, and to encourage their participation through the exposure of opinions, ideas, and experiences that can aid women realize their potential and opportunities.
The Women Forum has the ultimate goal of serving as a space where women values, issues or challenges and other relevant information to women can be shared and act as a stepping-stone towards the self-development of women in the Arab and African region.
We invite everyone to help us support, guide and offer opportunities to women across the region and help us create awareness, and a global community that includes everyone in society.


The Women Business Development Center “WBDC” is a nonprofit self-sustainable resource center, established under the National Council for Women (NCW) in year 2002, designed to achieve economic empowerment of women; through guidance, trainings and workshops. The main mission ofWBDC is to provide services and programs that support, promote and accelerate youth and women’s economic opportunities, leadership and participation in the labor market and to ensure that women’s rights and sustainable development principles are at the heart of national and global policies, programs and practices.” WBDC targets women and youth in the 27 governorates of Egypt through its existing branches. Since early 2014, WBDC has started the implementation of "Women to Work National Project" focusing on four major programs; basic training, vocational training, social entrepreneurship and community development services.


The National Council for Women

The National Council for Women was established upon Presidential Decree no. 90 of the year 2000 as an independent institution that reports directly to the president. The Council aims at the advancement of the Egyptian women and achieves their effective participation in their country's development process through the proposition of plans and policies that are designed to be integrated in the state's plan for social and economic empowerment and follow-up their implementation and evaluation. The Council shall also review the various legislations and propose amendments where any trace or hint of discrimination against women is to be found.